SimCity Buildit Guide

I was very excited when I first experienced playing Simcity Buildit. I was able to interact with my friends and also worked together towards building a new city. Now the good news is that the game is available in mobile versions as well. Therefore, I do not have to wait to get back to home and start my game all over again. Now I can play it anytime and anywhere. It is a free to play game and suitable for any Android and iOS devices. However, when I started playing the mobile version, I found some similarities in the game with the PC version but as I proceeded with the game I was surprised to see the differences in it.

I felt that these differences made the mobile version different and unique. The concepts of the Simcity Buildit game are however the same where I had to build a city on the given plot of land using the available resources and expand it later according to my wish and requirement. I had to keep the residential, industrial and commercial zones separate just as I had to do it in the PC version. I was given a limited sized plot and I found that building my city vertically is the best way to utilize it to the maximum. This way I could squeeze in as many residential and service buildings as possible.

At the same time I also had to concentrate on upgrading the roads and the different zones which I laid. During the early stages of playing Simcity buildit, I was provided adequate help by the game itself and was exposed to different inner layers of the game.  I learnt gradually is steps how to manage and build my city and in course of time I expanded my city by building several other buildings. I confronted new missions and challenges at each level as I went higher up in the game which raised my interest in the game and made it more appealing.

I required building new service buildings for sewage, police, water, fire, health and much more at each stage which served my citizens better and keep them happy. I even had to unlock different levelsof Simcity Buildit which helped me to advance to the higher levels. As soon as I unlocked a specific service I immediately delivered it to the city to make my citizens happy and gained lots of points in the due course.

The best part of the game is that it is intended to generate the maximum revenue. This is the primary reason that the concept of Simcash has been introduced which is the game’s currency which can be used to buy Simoleons. It is also necessary to purchase the required items to upgrade buildings, increase the speed of construction and much more. I could purchase this currency with real money, earn it by completing tasks and my accomplishments or use the simcity buildit cheats hub the well known guide book or website over the net. In short, the game had all the ingredients to keep me engrossed and that is the reason I thought it to be the best mobile game to play and enjoy.